Enforcing Guidelines

Many Ragnarok servers (and communities in general) operate on a strike system or some method that’s set in stone. While that kind of stability is necessary in large communities, Aurora is not a large community. Most rule breakages will be handled on a case by case basis, and punishments for most offenses won’t be very severe. There’s a marked difference between accidentally meta-gaming and telling someone on Discord they stink and their characters are trash, however, so don’t expect to get away with everything.

Whichever GM is active and around when a rule is broken will determine the punishment, and it will be discussed as soon as possible among the rest of the GMs to ensure that it was fair. Typical punishments range from a simple chat to go over what rule was broken to temporary (24 - 48 hour) bans or mutes on Discord or the Server. The team is unlikely to jump to something dire like a permanent ban unless the rules are frequently broken by one person or another extreme case crops up.

Basic Guidelines

  1. Be decent. There’s not a lot more to say here, but just in case: Acting rudely, egging on drama or bad behavior, and generally being unsavoury isn’t okay.
  2. Be respectful. Similar to the above, but on a more personal level. Don’t make fun of people or their characters, and don’t put anyone down in general.
  3. We prefer our players to be 16 or older. Discussion of an adult nature happens on the Discord, and there are mature themes in roleplay on the server such as death and gore.

Server Guidelines

  1. The server is always in-character. Wherever you are online, it’ll be assumed that you are in-character and roleplaying. If you aren’t, definitely let them know with the @ooc command. A simple ‘@ooc Sorry, I’m just on because _’ will suffice.
  2. Most interiors are considered ‘private’. When looking for roleplay, anything going on outside in a town map is a public interaction - anyone can join. If someone’s roleplaying in an interior, though, it’s better to ask them before joining. There are exceptions, like taverns and inns, but it never hurts to ask on Discord first no matter what.
    • GMs and those with Super Player accounts may not spy on private roleplay. If anyone is caught doing so, they’ll be warned the first time and have their account revoked the second. Player privacy is a very, very important thing.
  3. Try to avoid god-moding. When performing an action, stick to trying to do it. Don’t emote that you just hit another character, emote that you tried, or took a swing.
  4. Try to avoid meta-gaming. If you have something you know Out of Character, maybe from looking at another character’s Character Sheet, understand that your character can’t have pulled that information from nowhere. Mistakes happen, but be careful.
  5. If you aren’t sure of something, ask. If you have any questions in the process of character creation or general roleplay, please ask either in Discord or a GM directly. A consistent setting is very important, and assumptions are the biggest enemy of that.
  6. Consider the threat of death in events. While you’ll usually receive a warning before undertaking something fatal or truly ill-advised, it’s important to understand that character death is a thing that can happen in events. Be prepared, just in case!
  7. Consider the presence of town guards and citizens. Thieves and criminals are just as interesting as ‘vanilla’ characters, but they need to be played with this in mind. The maps are devoid of actual Guard NPCs, but the streets of every town are typically full (or at least not sparse). Committing a crime in plain sight is probably a bad idea, and if word gets back to a GM there may be in-character repercussions.

Discord Guidelines

  1. Discord is out of character. There’s a #roleplay channel for in-character interactions, though. When you’re in Discord, you’re not expected to roleplay or anything.
  2. If you’re playing here, you need to be on the Discord. We realize this is inconvenient for people who don’t like to download a lot of programs, but it’s the easiest way to keep in contact with everyone at once for the GMs.
  3. Try to stay active. We’re not setting a quota of X messages per day, or anything, but if you haven’t said anything on the Discord in three months you’ll be booted. This isn’t a ban, however, and you can re-join whenever if you were just in a quiet phase or etcetera.
  4. Avoid sensitive subjects. You don’t have to avoid voicing all of your opinions but try to keep away from particularly hot-button topics like politics and the like. If it comes up organically no one’s getting in trouble, but entering with #fuckthepresident might be bad.
    • Edgy humor is included in this. Please don’t call people autistic, don’t make ‘triggered’ jokes, and don’t be racist or sexist even if it’s supposed to be ironic.
  5. Label NSFW content, and post it appropriately. It’s not forbidden there, but you will need to post a warning with it. Additionally, post links surrounded by <these brackets>. That prevents Discord from generating a preview image and getting people at work in trouble with their bosses.
  6. Don’t come here to advertise or hawk your projects. It’s cool to show off something you did, but if you’re only coming around to link your commission information or SoundCloud and then dip we’re going to talk to you about it.
  7. Don’t share the server’s download link outside of Discord. As mentioned in Rule #2, anyone playing here has to be in the Discord anyway, and they can get it themselves. A lot of people hop from server to server, grabbing grf files for their headgears and the like.
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