New Players Guide

New to the server, or considering inviting a friend? Signing up and getting settled in is simple! As roleplaying is an inherently social hobby, the process of joining is a bit more involved than just making an account, however- This guide will help clarify everything you need to know!

Step 1: Sign Up for Aurora!

To start off, you'll need to sign up for the Forums! This is the center of the community, and it's where all events, news, and discussions are posted. Introduce yourself and say hello!

While you're there, drop by our Discord channel, too! Our Discord channel has people about during most times of day, and is the best way to get acquainted with the community. You can visit it Here, or by checking the sidebar.

Step 2: Get Acquainted and Make Accounts!

To be fully admitted, and to acquire your Wiki account, send a PM (Private Message) to Karn or Sage on the forums! Include a bit about yourself: Are you new to roleplaying? Have you played on any other Ragnarok RP servers in the past? Do you know anybody in the community? There are no wrong answers, but these things are good to know!

Also include your Wiki account's desired username, a valid email address, and a password!

The PM you receive in return should tell you how to create your account(s)! If it doesn't, just ask Karn or Briar on Discord and they can let you know. Each ingame account can hold 9 characters.

Step 3: Know the Team and Read the Wiki!

Aurora is run by a team of three GMs, with unique and overlapping responsibilities alike! Everyone is open to helping new players get settled in and answering questions, but knowing who to go to for what is very handy. Aside from server responsibilities, each GM is generally 'in charge' of a specific region(s) in the world of Aurora, and handles the lore and events within them.

GMs by Responsibility
Karn Raven Sage
d20 Sheet Approval RO Account Creation d20 Sheet Approval
d20 Crafting Approval RO Account Help d20 Crafting Approval
Dice System Lead Server Maintenance Server Admissions
- Super-Player Account Approval -

Aside from the above responsibilities, all GMs run events, play important NPCs, and can help you put together your characters or stories.

GM Karn's Areas

  • City-States of Rune (Place)
  • Schwarzvalt Republic (Place)
  • Arunafeltz Emirates (Place)
  • Sograt Desert (Place)
  • Vahk'Sala (Place)
  • Nosgard (Place)
  • Nephilim (Race)
  • Dragons (Race)
  • Nos & Os (Race)
  • Splicers (Race)
  • Non-Restricted Races

GM Sage's Areas

  • El Quattor Grande (Place)
  • Kingdom of Sybir (Place)
  • Ba Jin Empire (Place)
  • The Far East (Place)
  • Fiends (Race)
  • Elysians (Race)
  • Visitors (Race)
  • Cosmic Forces (Lore)

GM Raven's Areas

  • Ba Jin Empire (Place)
  • Youkai (Race)

Before making your character, reading over different parts of the wiki is a good idea as well. However, we recognize that many parts of the wiki are several years old, and may not necessarily reflect recent events or changes brought about through stories. Do not hesitate to ask GMs or fellow players (most of whom are fairly knowledgable!) if you have any questions about lore or what the world of Aurora is like!

Step 4: Download the Client!

To get ingame, download our client by visiting the Aurora Discord and typing !download in the #bot-reference channel. Our bot should provide a link to the most recent download link. Be warned, this is a rather large file and may take a while to transfer!

After you download that, make sure to get the most recent .grf release from our Discord Pins in the #main channel. If you don't know how to do that, someone in the Discord can help!

Step 5: Get Involved!

Sign up for events, write a character profile, get a character sheet put together, and meet new people! Again, roleplaying is an inherently social hobby, so you will get as much out of the server as you put in.

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