All the players` organizations and groups are listed here: These can include anything from noble families and guilds to corporations and private military groups. Please feel free to add yours too!

The Great West: Orbis of Midgard

The Great West: Orbis of Arunafeltz

The Great East

How do groups, organizations and guilds work?

Guilds, groups and organizations in Aurora are treated like a character of their own, having its members acting out in different roles, like a body that functions with different organs, thus making up a character in its own right.

What the guild does and how it presents itself will affect their presence in the world, and the world will react according to what they do. The Merit System takes function just as equally as any other character in the server, picking up merit and climbing the ladder of success eventually.

Should your organization involve combat using the Aurora d20 system, refer to the Organization Document

Organization, Group and Guild Details

If you are about to make a guild we as STs would like to know about it, just to double check you're going in the right direction and, if it regards a delicate main plot issue, see that it falls in line with everything else. All that it requires is to have a detailed summary of what you intend to do with the guild, it's starting assets, so on and so forth. Here's a list to help you out on what you'll need to think about before you kick off a guild:

  • Group Philosophy/Goal
  • Starting Assets
  • Handling upkeep/resources
  • Number of members
  • Any extra footnotes/details you might have in mind

When you're done, just send the list of details to any of the STs around, notable Raven, Denny, A-T or Tensard. Be accurate as possible on the ideas, so that we'll understand you better and help out wherever needed.

Guild Advancement/Assets Growth

As guilds fall under the Merit System just as equally as anything else, we would need to know what your guild is doing throughout time, it's activities and current situations. You cannot assume or give yourself assets as you go along, you will need to refer to an ST to know what sort of advancement have you made, if it's big or small, ect ect.

This is just to make sure that everything is fair, that every guild has its proper reputations and assets in line.

How to add your own group!

First and foremost you need to list down your organization according to its name. Press the edit button under the ingame country/region where the organization can be found (if it spans multiple regions, just put it under the one where they are found most) and put down this code:

  * [[world_setting:organizations:organization_name|Organization Name]] 

Replace organization_name and Organization Name with your, well, organization's name and then save. Click on the new formed link under the letter sectioned; it will tell you “Page does not exist” but don't worry, once you hit “Create this page” it will be all yours to edit.

Warning: Just because you read these groups' pages, it doesn't mean you automatically know what they're all about in-game (even if they are ST-run). Please RP accordingly. Doing this is considered as meta-gaming.

Organization Template

VERY IMPORTANT: When linking to a character page through an Organization page, or vice-versa, use an external link, or else the wiki will send you to a non-existent page in the wrong section.

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