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Welcome to Aurora, a private Ragnarok Online Roleplaying Server! Aurora is diverse and unique setting, base primarily in High Fantasy, while drawing from many other themes and genres across its many stories.

To get a wiki account please PM Sage on the forums with your desired user name, password and email.


  • Server Name: AuroraRO
  • Server Type: RP Server1)
  • Rates: 50/50/30
  • Roleplay Type: Moderated RP2)

What is Aurora?

Aurora is a long-standing roleplaying community, with a knowledgable and experienced GM team and a friendly community. As an RO Server, Aurora exists primarily for roleplaying: There are few balances or systems in place for playing Ragnarok in any stable forum, but many useful additions and services that aid in roleplaying.

That means hats. Lots of hats, for free.

Roleplaying on Aurora is a largely social experience! Player characters may be made freely and can interact with others at their leisure, while also taking part in GM-run storylines ('Episodes') that tell the story of the world and its changes over time.

In many events, we make use of our unique Dice System, not unlike a tabletop RPG! Though we make significant use of this system, it exists only to compliment roleplay, and not overtake it. Those seeking a dungeon-crawling, “murder hobo” experience will be disappointed, as such use of the system is not allowed.

Aurora is a community for mature, social-minded players who strive to have fun and tell stories together. If you would like to join, read through our New Players Guide!


  • This is a private server, that doesn't advertise! You need to go through our admission process, outlined in the New Players Guide in order to play.
  • Aurora is a fantasy-oriented setting. While the world of Aurora is diverse, and accommodates both magical woodlands and modern countries alike, we strive only for internal consistency, and not realism in lore.
  • As a mature community, players seeking to join should be at least 16 years old- Most of us are in our 20s. Aurora's setting is a mostly light-hearted one, but the following themes may arise in stories and roleplay:
    • Alcohol Use
    • Fantasy Violence
    • Mature Humor
    • Sexual Themes and Nudity (Moderated)
    • Drug Use (Moderated)
where the person plays as the character and not as the player.
where the character is to be adapted into a setting already fixed by Storytellers/Gamemasters.
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