On Aurora every person is a must to have a form of a belief, however it is not a must to have a religion.

A belief is a faith in something, anything at all in fact. One could believe in multiple gods while the other may believe in nothing at all. One could actually follow a form of philosophy. If you wish to know more about the Religions to know better what I am saying, please click here.

May I however remind you that the following are only a few that are possible on the World. Please be creative as much as you like and want! Just keep in mind that if you try to invent some kind of religion or belief, it is not considered a religion unless you have the size of a country that truly follow it. You can make your character believe whatever you feel and like but don't assume them to be true.

So, what are the most common beliefs on Aurora?

Diety Beliefs


The most common belief on Aurora; people under this category believe strongly that one diety has created everything, from the Universe to this world.
Known Places: Prontera (Church of Odin), Rachel (Aruni Desert)


The belief of two equally powerful Dieties have created everything rather than one god, in which normally consists of a God and a Goddess.
Known Places: Heidelberg (Witches of Heidelberg; Witchcraft)


The belief of more than two gods or a whole pantheon. Such a belief usually drives from two reasons; either as actual, individual Gods or simply the different faces of one Source of Creation, making easier for the common people to understand.
Known Places: Sograt Desert (Kemetism), Umbala (Vodun), Heidelberg (Witches of Heidelberg; Witchcraft)


The belief of no Gods at all.
Known Places: Schwartzvald Republic



There are two world in this world; the world we can see and the world which we cannot. The belief of Spirituality has two types to it:

  1. Can consist of believing in spirits that walk amongst us without us knowing them…or simply because you don't even take notice.
  2. Can consist of believing in getting in touch, get to know and work with your inner-self, your soul to be blunt.

Known Places: Heidelberg (Witches of Heidelberg; Witchcraft)


You are living in this world, you only have one life, make the best out of it. On the list of preference it's your need that are first, and then your family and friends. People following this road would probably have their paycheck as their god and their daily newspaper as their enlightenment.

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