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Aurora is a vast and varied world, whose lands are as numerous as they are both unique and inter-connected. The majority of the world is part of five continental regions: The Orbis of Midgard and Arunafeltz, as well as the Southern Seas which form the Western hemisphere, and the distant lands of the Great East and Far East, which form the Eastern hemisphere.

Beyond the surface, Aurora is orbited by the three moons Astralis, Tenebris, and Lora, all held aloft in the Sea of Stars. Deep beneath the surface of Aurora lies the dark realm known as the Abyss, and beneath that, the Old World, Nosgard, that Aurora formed on top of.

The planet of Aurora is smaller than Earth in the real world, but not small enough to walk around in a single day. The skies remain open, the oceans remain vast, and international voyages are usually best left to boats, trains, airships and caravans.

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The West
The western mainland and the islands beneath it.
The Orbis of Midgard || The Orbis of Arunafeltz
The Southern Seas

The East
The eastern mainland.
The Great East || The Far East

The Vast Seas
The large bodies of water between continents.
The Thalassian Ocean || The Theralaen Ocean
The Grand Expanse || The Wandering White

Celestial Bodies
The moons and night sky.
Astralis || Tenebris || Lora
The Sea of Stars

Deep Realms
The realms beneath the surface.
Nosgard || The Abyss

Mysterious Lands
In the world of Aurora, there may exist more places in lore than are currently listed on the wiki. Regions and places omitted from the wiki may not be common knowledge to most of Aurora's inhabitants, or simply haven't been written by GMs yet.

New lands in the world may appear in the future, but you cannot play a character who comes from a land not listed on this page..

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