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Aurora is an expansive world populated by many different races, with many different features! Listed below are the current races of Aurora, some common while others vary in rarity*. All are playable, though a few are considered restricted and require either GM approval, roleplay, or a mix of the two to obtain.

*Anything that may not be considered common knowledge about the races will be marked in the corresponding articles. Keep an eye out!

Players are encouraged to be creative with character creation and not expected to 100% constrain to the average examples given within each article. However! Please keep the facts of each race in mind when making a new character.

Ex.: An Orcish Warrior generally is not intelligent enough to use Magic. Through RP an Orcish Warrior can learn to use magic, but it would be uncommon for one to start their adventure on Aurora knowing it. The same goes for the physical limitations of an Elf. With RP, anything is possible!

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Races of Aurora

The most prolific and common of the races on Aurora. They’re found just about everywhere, in all shapes and sizes. Their versatility is core to their nature, and usually reflected within their interest and skills.

Long-lived, fair and elegant. Elves are the second most common race, and considered the most graceful. Inclined towards endeavours involving finesse, elegance, and magic, they are one of the more delicate races.

Dwarves are shrewd, secretive, and the third most common race upon Aurora. They’re known to be business inclined and often times Master craftsmen. Although they lack the ability to use magic, they are a very capable people.

The majority of Orcish kind live to fight, eat, fight, copulate, and then fight some more. They are not the most intelligent, but they are incredibly physically robust and one of the strongest races.

Small in stature, strong in mind, they are incredibly intelligent creatures that make up for their size with complicated gadgetry and inventions - just ignore the potential explosions and smoke, please!

Kobolds are a race of short dog-featured creatures. They are nomadic, living in packs, and most have a great knowledge of the wild. While they are clever, many of their kind have not cared to adapt or learn the ‘modern’ ways of life.

Prominent figures in the world, though lacking a substantial population, Cubi are an alluring race. They are beautiful, long-lived, and one of the most magically inclined races upon Aurora. Due to their appearances and tendencies, they’re also occasionally demonized by the other races.

Usually feared, if not hated, vampires lurk the darker corners of Aurora. The thirst for blood controls them, and has driven them to commit deeds that earned them the title of monstrosities. Physically frail and with a painful aversion to sunlight, vampires make up for these weaknesses with magical prowess - Particularly within the realms of Dark magic.

Seraphim are unique denizens of Aurora's Near Eastern land, Jozha, blessed with angelic grace and an affinity for other people. They maintain a portion of their souls externally that grants them unique magical prowess, and have cultivated a unique culture of scholarship and co-existence with others over the ages. Deeply curious about the world, though seldom identified beyond the borders of their homeland.

Nos & Os
The denizens of Aurora’s underground - Its far, far underground - were often perceived as a cruel and evil force in the past. Times have changed, and most have been released from the grasp of corruption that twisted their minds and bodies, but some old grudges still remain. Nos hunger endlessly for mana while Os have attained some measure of control, but both sects have the potential to excel in nearly every form of combat.

Nephilim thrived over one thousand years ago, and if legends are to be believed they were the very first sentient race to assert control over Aurora. With a tribal society based on castes and a deep reverence for nature, Nephilim excelled in the magical arts and were not far behind on all things physical. It’s said that nearly every Nephilim had a potent connection with nature, enough to shift into an animal form at whim.

Also known as the 'Starborn,' Fiends are product of magical experiments performed in ancient El Quattor to infuse human souls with the power of otherworldly Cosmic mana. Fiends' souls exist outside the soul cycle, and many are capable of powerful acts of magic and shape-shifting. After hiding for nearly thirteen centuries, the Fiends have begun to reappear in the southern islands.

A revered race of immortal, angelic beings that ruled Aurora's southern islands in the ancient past, and influenced the history of other nations in more secretive ways. The Elysians come from Elysium, a storied, utopian world far beyond the stars of the night sky, and possess magic and technology many centuries ahead of anything on Aurora's surface. After over a thousand years of dormancy, the study and worship of Elysians is beginning anew in several corners of the world.

Altered races, due to an alchemical supplement. They retain their natural forms, but have gained strange animalistic features, though the results vary person-to-person. Splicers are often considered the ‘next step’ in human evolution. They are stronger, faster, and better in nearly every way.

The magical folk of Ba Jin and the eastern lands, blessed with immortality and power over elemental magics. The Youkai are not a single race, but a collective of many different groups with unique forms and powers that have lived alongside the humans of Ba Jin in peace for most, but not all of their history.

Visitors are not a single race, but rather a blanket-term for all sentient and non-sentient creatures that have arrived on Aurora from the mysterious, distant worlds that dot the night sky. The souls of Visitors, should they have them, are Cosmic in nature, and their presence puts a gradual strain on the World Tree. Only a few Visitors have ever been seen in modern times.

Sentient dragons have only recently emerged and there are currently very few of them in existence. They are great, powerful beasts that are only made more so given their ascension in intellect. Wherever they go, they rarely ever fail to instill fear and respect. Both sentient and bestial Dragons are blessed with magical prowess and brute force alike.

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